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Aboriginal to the America's

ABORIG'INAL, a. [ab and origo, origin.] First; original; primitive; aboriginal people are the first inhabitants of a country. Aboriginal tribes of America...... AMERI'CAN, n. A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America. - Webster Dictionary 1828......definition of "MOOR" - "any" dark skinned person

Ancient race to the America's

"The Negro type is seen in the most ancient Mexican sculptures. The Negros figure frequently in the most remote traditions of some American pueblos. It is to this race doubtlessly belongs the most Ancient skeletons, distinct from the Red American Race, which have been found in various places from Bolivia to Mexico. It is likely that, we repeat, America was a Negro Continent." - Carlos Cuervo Marquez "Estudios Arqueológicos y Etnográficos Americanos, Vol. 1", Madrid, 1920........

America the Promise Land, Egypt & Eagle

"In America, re-discovered in the fifteenth century and re-populated in the seventeenth, was recovered EGYPT and the PROMISED LAND, or the land of the constellation of the EAGLE (Aquila, Egyptus) and the Swan (Cygnus Canaan, Canada), whose places will be shown to be fixed in America." (1893 New Light from the Great Pyramid - by Albert Ross Parsons)

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